We process contaminated oil-water mixtures. For this, we have a category V environmental licence from the province of Noord-Brabant. Twice a year, we are inspected by the province for compliance with the environmental permit and improvements in our production process. In mid-2007, our biological waste water purification system came into operation. This last step biologically removes another 95% of the final dirt in the water.

Important environmental measures:

  • The environmental permit is our bible and is always updated with the latest government regulations. Many new regulations are implemented every year.
  • The latest improvements focus on ZZS (substances of very high concern). Every mono flow of the 150 large metalworking companies has been tested for this and is within the bandwidth.
  • All incoming flows are tested against the acceptance regulations, which are regularly adjusted to the latest standards.
  • The outgoing water and oil streams are continuously checked and meet the strict standards.
  • After water purification, pollution is reduced by 95 to 98%.
  • Before the waste water is discharged into the sewer, there is a continuous check to make sure that no polluting substances are inadvertently discharged along with it.
  • Normec All Water Services takes monthly samples and examines the wastewater samples for the presence of 25 pollutants. This is monitored by the AA en Maas.
  • Outgoing oil quality is highly calorific and is used as fuel in the cement industry.
  • The process has been optimised from an energy point of view. Power consumption is monitored daily and reduced as much as possible each year. For example, 400 solar panels account for 15% of the power consumption. We want to increase this percentage of solar energy to 50% in the coming years by tripling the number of panels.
  • Energy-efficient motors have been installed to make production as green as possible.
  • The machines are placed on a liquid-proof floor that also functions as a collection basin. This way, no liquids enter the environment.
  • The company works continuously or 24/7 and is fully automated.
  • Via an iPhone, the process can be fully monitored and steered, if necessary.
  • A number of our drivers have been trained to be able to unload outside office hours.